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Project Update

So I've been working on this project on every opportunity that has been given to me during these last few months and I think it's time to show some of the progress that I've made.

The procedural map generation system is coming along nicely and does its job fine for now. The way it works right now is tha...

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Website update and a new logo

After a few long weeks the website has finally been updated with all the core functionality now in place. Previously the site was just a bunch of static html pages so I figured that if I am going to run a blog, that ain't gonna cut it. It would get very tedious quickly if I would have to upload a bunch of html pages to the ...

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The launch of the website

Finally, the website has been published and thus my official journey begins. During these last few days I've been tangling with trying to get this website somewhat presentable, and as of now it's just a static piece of work with nothing fancy going on at all! But I think it will serve its purpose just fine for now....

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