Alteah is an upcoming city-building, survival, management game, set in the medieval era, where the player takes on the role of leader of the colony, architecting the layout of the city and managing all the resources. Each citizen is important and acts on their own accord, with individual statistics and needs.

The game is featuring a fully organic placing system instead of the more traditional approach with grid-based rules. This will give the player the ability to easily design the layout for their city in the way they want without being limited to a grid. The environment is constantly shifting between the seasons and the player has to make sure that when winter comes, their citizens have enough food and firewood to survive.

In the world of Alteah nothing comes for free, the citizens have to work hard to survive. As the head of the colony, you the player will have to assign jobs to the citizens and give orders of where new buildings should be constructed for them to live in, or work at. Certain resources might be scarce and trying to establish trade agreements with foreign tribes might be in your colonies' best interest. Or will you have your citizens plunder their trade wagons and hope that your actions will go unnoticed? Well, these decisions are all yours...


Where will it be released?
- It will be released on Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux users.

Will there be a difficulty setting?
- Yes, there will be a range of difficulties to choose between at the start of a new game. One of them will be a sandbox mode if the player feels creative and only want to build.

Will there be combat?
- Yes, but it depends on the difficulty setting.

What about the end game?
- In my opinion, the end game can often get overlooked and become too easy once your town has reached a certain stage. I hope to give the player a consistent difficulty experience throughout the game by for example, depending on your towns wealth, attract more potential invaders, etc.. This will be tested and tweaked continuously as we move forward.

Will there be modding support?
- Yes, modding in these kind of games is something that I think is very important and there will be full mod support at release.

Are you the only developer on the game?
- Yes, up to this point!

Are you looking to bring on more developers to the project?
- Yes, eventually! In order to make this game the best it can be, I will bring on more developers slowly over time.

How is this a survival game?
- All your citizens need food and shelter to survive. If all your citizens die, the game is over.

Are the maps created by procedural generation?
- There will be pre-made maps as well as an option to create one from procedural generation with options, such as water level, mountains etc.

Is the game aiming to be realistic?
- Yes and no. I want to create a believable medieval world and I will aim for realism where possible but not in cases where it would severely damage the fun factor of the game.

How can I best support the game right now?
- By joining the discord and by telling your friends to do the same. Follow the game on social media and get involved with the community.