Alteah is an upcoming strategy, city-building management game, set in the medieval era, were the player takes on the role as the leader of the colony, architecting the layout of the city and managing all the resources. Each citizen is its own individual with their own statistics and needs.

The game is featuring a fully organic placing system instead of the more traditional approach with grid based rules. This will give the player the ability to easily design the layout for their city in the way they want without being limited to a grid. The environment is constantly shifting between the seasons and the player has to make sure that when winter comes, their citizens have enough food and firewood to survive.

In the world of Alteah nothing comes for free, the citizens has to work hard to survive. As the head of the colony, you the player, has to assign jobs to the citizens and give orders of where new buildings should be constructed for them to live in, or work at. Certain resources might be scarce and trying to establish trade contracts with foreign tribes might be in your colonies best interest. Or will you have your citizens plunder that trade wagon and hope that your actions will go unnoticed? Well, these decisions are all yours...

You will guide your citizens in their evolution and be responsible for their fate.